Rice Processing

Suman Projects Consultant is a highly acclaimed rice consultant in the Indian and International food industry. Rice is the staple food of several Asian countries and rice business is very common in these parts of the world. We are helping rice businesses to grow since past few decades .Our experts help the clients in each and every stage from rice production to processing of rice. Our team of rice consulting firm offers innovative opinions on different issues like choosing the perfect land ,irrigation system, best seeds, fertilizers, effective pesticides, harvester, seeders and tractors for plowing the land etc. When it comes to processing part,we offer our clients the best research oriented suggestions and techniques. Our company has on board a group of experienced and eminent professionals who offer quality advice to patrons on any aspect of their projects,starting from conceptualization to commission of projects within the rice processing sector. We help clients in different domains like :-

  • Keeping up with regulations regarding food safety
  • Financial help in terms of loan
  • Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in different stages.