Mushroom Cultivation Processing

Turnkey Consultancy
No. Client Type of Project
1 Gopi Industries, Sonipat. (Haryana) Processing of mushrooms & other vegetables
2 Krishak Bharati Coop. Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Production & Processing of Mushrooms
3 Zuari Foods & Farms Pvt. Ltd., Goa Cultivation of Mushroom & Processing
Feasibility Report
4 ABS Merchant Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata Cultivation and Processing of Mushroom in West Bengal
5 Agricultural Finance Corp. Ltd., Mumbai Processing of mushrooms, apples & temperate fruits in Jammu & Kashmir state.
6 Assam Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. (AIDC Ltd.), Guwahati, Assam  
7 HAFED Ltd. Chandigarh Cultivation & Processing of mushrooms
8 Indo Gulf Fertilizers & Chemicals Corp. Ltd. (U.P) Cultivation and Processing of mushrooms
9 Krishak Bharati Co-Op Ltd. New Delhi Cultivation and processing of Mushrooms
10 Mitshubishi International, (S.A) Mushroom Growing in Chad
11 NAFED Ltd., Chandigarh Cultivation & Processing of mushrooms
Project Profile
Can be undertaken on request
Market Study
12 HAFED LTD. Haryana A Study Involving Supply of Button Paddy & Oyster Mushrooms from Haryana State for Export & Indigenous Markets
13 Indo Gulf Fertilizers & Chemicals Corp Ltd. (U.P) Marketing of Button Mushrooms for Exports