Fruit Pulp Processing

Juice And Fruit Pulp Processing Consultant

We Suman Project Consultant (P) limited are a renounced name as a Food Processing Consultant in the country. We provide consultancy services in different fields of food processing. One of them is fruit pulp. We provide top class consultancy services as a Fruit Pulp Processing Consultant. We have done number of project for the big names in the market. We have also worked for the government of India. We also give services for feasibility reports and also create project profiles and perform market studies too. The list of our work is given below.

Fruit Pulp Processing CONSULTANT
Turnkey Consultancy
No. Client Type of Project
1 BEC Foods Ltd., (M.P) Tomato juice & fruit juice concentrate & paste
2 Coca-Cola Export Corp. Ltd., New Delhi Mango pulp processing
3 Govt. of Vietnam-Cimco International Ltd., New Delhi Pineapple Processing in Vietnam
4 Gujarat Agro Indus Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat Aseptic bulk packaging & tetra packaging of fruit juice
5 Himachal Fruit Growers Coop. Mktg. & Processing Soc. Ltd., (H.P) Apple juice & other fruit processing
6 Karat Noor Persian Company Tannin Extraction from Pomegranate Peel and waste
7 Kejriwal Enterprises, New Delhi. Bulk Packaging of Banana
8 World Bank-HPMC (H.P) Apple juice concentrate processing
Feasibility Report
9 ABCD Agri Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (A.P) Processing of Fruit & Veg. in AP
10 Assam Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. (AIDC Ltd.), Guwahati, Assam
11 Asian Development Bank, Philippines Fruit processing & storage of fresh fruits, juices, pulps and concentrates
12 Azeet International, (H.P) Aseptic processing & packaging of fruit based drinks
13 Bhilai Engineering Corp. Ltd. (M.P) Tomato Juice & other Fruit Juice & concentrate processing
14 Bhutan Fruit Products Ltd. Bhutan Aseptic processing & packaging of fruit based drinks
15 Cimco International Ltd. New Delhi Pineapple & Mango Processing in Vietnam
16 Engro Chemicals Pakistan Ltd. Feasibility Study on Multi Fruit and Vegetable Pulp and Concentrate Processing plant in Pakistan
17 Ganesh Valley Agro Industries Ltd., Maharashtra Processing fruit juice & concentrate
18 Gujarat Agro Indus. Pvt. Ltd. Gujarat Aseptic ( Tetra-Pak ) processing of fruit juices
19 Golden Nectars Pvt. Ltd., Dadra, Nagar Haveli
20 Govt. of Sikkim, Sikkim Aseptic (Tetra-Pak) Processing of Fruit Juices
21 Kejriwal Enterprises, New Delhi Pineapple & mango fruit processing
22 Macneill International Ltd., New Delhi Pineapple juice concentrate
23 Maharashtra Agro Industries Ltd., Maharashtra Processing of orange juice & concentrate
24 Mahila Udyog Co-Op Ltd. Ratnagiri, Maharashtra Exotic Fruit Juice Drinks & Concentrate
25 Mukt-Jivan Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat Tomato Juice & other fruit juice & concentrate
26 Muland Cold Storage Industries, Mumbai Aseptic processing & bulk packaging of tropical fruit juices, pulps & concentrate
27 PACL India Ltd., New Delhi Fruit Concentrates, Banana Puree & Tomato Paste
28 PepsiCo. International (U.S.A) Consultancy services on India strategy initiatives.
29 Rama Vision Ltd., New Delhi Fruit Juice, Pulp, Concentrate & Tomato Paste
30 Ranger Breweries Ltd. (H.P) Fruit juice pulp concentrate & tomato paste
31 Rubamin Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat Processing Tomato / Banana Mango Pulp Processing
32 State Trading Corp., New Delhi) Processing of Fruit Juice on the West India coast for exports.
33 UP Hortico Ltd. (U.P) Utilization of State Hill-area fruits for processing & Packaging of Fruit Juice & Concentrate
34 UP State Agro Indus Corp. (U.P) Aseptic (Tetra-Brick) processing of fruit juice
35 Vishnu – Priya Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. Gujarat Aseptic (Tetra-Brick) processing of fruit juice
36 World Bank – Himachal Pradesh Hort. Produce Mktg. & Processing Cor (HPMC ) Ltd. (H.P) Apple juice concentrate processing
Project Profile
37 D. Sethia & Co, Mumbai Fruit Juice Canning Plant
38 Iceless Foods Pvt. Ltd. (H.P) Fruit Based Drinks in Aseptic Packages
39 S. M. Group, Guwahati, Assam Pre-Feasibility Report on Multi Fruit Pulp & Concentrate Plant
40 UP Agro Industries Ltd. UP Packaging of Fruit Juice & Drinks in Aseptic Tetra Pak Packaging System
Market Study
41 Engro Chemicals Ltd., Pakistan. Market study of tropical Fruit Pulp and Concentrate from Pakistan.
42 HP Hort. Produce Mktg. & Processing Corp Ltd. H.P Assessing demand & evolving strategy for Mktg. Of Apple Juice & Concentrate on all India basis
43 PICUP Ltd. (U.P) Demand Assessment of reconstituted Potato-based Snack Foods for UP & neighboring states